Why Hillary Clinton Is Wrong On Abortion, Besides Lying Again

Mister D: Of course this goes against what Clinton believed in most of her life. I guess Planned Parenthoods campaign contribution of 30 million dollars helped change her position to extreme. But Bernie bringing in anti-abortionists into the party? Maybe since he’s more of a populist. But who picked an anti-abortion VP in Tim Cain? […]

Improves Concentration

  Also improves concentration; Overcome distractions like multitasking, get rid of clutter, find your perfect sound environment (some people need silence, some people need white noise), feed your brain with the right nutrients like fruit, vegetables, avoid white sugar, and refined carbs, use herbs like rosemary and tururmic, and eat plenty of wild salmon, and […]

It’s a win-win for Harris

It’s a win-win for Harris. She gets her name on popular legislation, but she knows it has no chance of passing in a Republican Congress, so she can’t piss off her donor class. See what happens when the Democrats are in control. “I intend to co-sponsor the Medicare-for-All bill because it’s just the right thing […]

No War With Syria

Excerpt from the article: “The Guardian has published a new article titled “Victory for Assad looks increasingly likely as world loses interest in Syria”, which is just as significant for what it says as for who is saying it. The Guardian has long been one of the most virulent promulgators of establishment lies about the […]

What’s Senator Sanders Doing

  What’s Senator Sanders Doing: * Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) plans to introduce his “Medicare for all” single-payer healthcare bill after Congress returns in September. Speaking to constituents in Vermont Monday, Sanders admitted that the bill is unlikely to pass the Republican-controlled Congress or be signed by President Trump. “If we pass this thing, it’s not going to be […]

Steve Bannon Is Not A White Nationalist

  In a bizarre twist in the Steve Bannon White House puppet master narrative, Bannon called up the editor of the liberal magazine The American Prospect Tuesday afternoon and proceeded to give him what appears to be his unvarnished opinion on many things. On the other end of the line was Robert Kuttner, who then […]

President Trump’s 3rd Charlottesville Press Conference

The mainstream media lies. I see the propaganda so clearly on all cable channels, talking mostly about Fox, MSNBC, and CNN. Now I’m not a Trump supporter and I think he is way over his head. I do believe he was sent to D.C. to shake up the Establishment, which is what I regard as […]

March Of Truth

I didn’t get to talk about the lame #MarchForTruth. I didn’t realize it was for Russisgate. Are you kidding me? A march for truth on a conspiracy thery. Is this where the Resistanve is going to put all it’s effort? With the establishment Democrats? How bout a march for truth for the men, women, and […]

Quit using hack opinion pieces

Quit using hack opinion pieces from hack sites to find anything and everything wrong with this presidency, It;s bad enough as it is without seeing friend’s pages littered with what amounts to be gossip about politics. If a title of a story sounds like clickbait, skip over it until you find a site with a […]

Trump Pulls Out Of Paris Accord

Now this was a big bad deal. What deal? Trump pulls out of the Paris Accord Deal. Dark speech. Dark times.* * Glad MSNBC COULD SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT RUSSIA FOR A FEW MINUTES. Now let’s talk about Flint, Michigan and DAPL pipelines that are leaking. More stories.