From Media Matters: Know Thy Enemy – Glenn Beck’s Anti – Gay Army Of Gay

Image via Wikipedia Mister D: This comes from the great site Media Matters. I just had to steal this for my site for reference in case it’s ever taken down. I think it’s always good to know who your enemies are. I will try to have links to each person ASAP, but Media Matters already […]

Judge Issues Temporary Stay On Same Sex Marriage – Doubts An Appeal

Image via Wikipedia Judge Lifts Stay on Overturning California Gay Marriage Ban Thursday 12 August 2010 by: Mike Ludwig, t r u t h o u t | Report A federal judge lifted a temporary stay preventing same-sex couples in California from getting legally married, but gay couples cannot be married yet – the stay […]

Marriage support in the Americas

Marriage support in the Americas Timothy Kincaid July 22nd, 2010 Americas Quarterly gives a good summary of the current status of LGBT rights in the Americas. They also provide a graph of the support for marriage equality in the various nations. Based on the American Public Opinion Project (LAPOP), it provides more than a yes […]

AFA Announces Boycott Of Home Depot For Their Support Of Gay People – How You Can Help!

Image via Wikipedia Mister D: I’ve been receiving the AFA‘s action alerts on this and they accuse us (and by proxy, Home Depot) of exposing children to nudity, porn, porn websites, etc., when in fact, none of this true. Home Depot provides workshops for children on how to make things…the children are exposed to as […]

From TalkAboutEquality.Org: Many little battles are being won right now and that’s not going to continue without your help.

Image via Wikipedia Sooooo It’s the Summer and your mind is on staying in your air-conditioned apartment, going to the beach or maybe even a trip to Six Flags. Pride celebrations may be done in your city, or they won’t be for a few months…it’s all good right? Sit back and take a little break […]

And Gays Will Destroy The Marriage Institution?

Larry King is getting his 8th divorce; Elizabeth Taylor is possibly getting married for a 9th time; Jesse James and Tiger Woods are xxxxxxxx EVERYTHING; 36 congressmen are involved inspousal abuse; and 3 women are killed everyday by their husbands; yet the idea of same-sex marriage is what is going to destroy the institution of […]