Why You Should Leave Social Media

“Our data indicate that there may, in fact, be a relationship between yearning to be a self-realized human who enjoys being with other people in the real world and not spending every waking minute on artificial, once-removed social-interaction venues such as Facebook,” said lead scientist Dr. Charles Jennings, explaining that those who logged even marginally […]

GLBT Movie Of The Week #1: X,Y, And Zee (Elizabeth Taylor)

X,Y, And Zee Imagine Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? set in early ’70s swinging London—caftans, butterflies, boozing, shrieking, rich-hippie decor, and no shortage of bitchy queens. Elizabeth Taylor is Zee Blakeley, the wife of eternally philandering Robert (Michael Caine), in this story of swinging Londoners directed by Brian G. Hutton (Where Eagles Dare). When Robert’s […]

URGENT: Breaking Prop 8 trial news

The Associated Press is reporting that Protect Marriage — the coalition of right-wing religious groups that sponsored Prop 8 –  filed an appeal today in response to Judge Vaughn Walker’s historic ruling yesterday striking down the discriminatory initiative. Walker has ordered both sides to submit written arguments by Friday as he determines whether to grant […]

And Gays Will Destroy The Marriage Institution?

Larry King is getting his 8th divorce; Elizabeth Taylor is possibly getting married for a 9th time; Jesse James and Tiger Woods are xxxxxxxx EVERYTHING; 36 congressmen are involved inspousal abuse; and 3 women are killed everyday by their husbands; yet the idea of same-sex marriage is what is going to destroy the institution of […]