Sexual Misconduct: A List Of Men. Remember They Have Not Been Found Guilty Of Anything Yet. (More Complete Info Coming)

After multiple women came forward to accuse Harvey Weinstein, the Hollywood producer, of sexual misconduct, over 30 high-profile men in a variety of industries have also been accused. Since then, a number have resigned, been fired or experienced other fallout after claims ranging from inappropriate text messages to rape. Here is a list of such […]

Cable News Viewership

I didn’t realize how little viewership cable news channels got. It’s such a small fraction of our society. Where do the majority of people get their news of oh Lord, do they not get it at all?: FNC: 2.24 million viewers (up 11 percent); 453,000 adults 25-54 (up 23 percent) MSNBC: 1.69 million viewers (up […]

Obama’s intel chief says he knows of no evidence of Trump-Russia collusion

Shouldn’t this have been all over the front pages of the NYT, WaPo, WSJ and talked about on CNN, MSNBC, FOX, Etc…? Guess this doesn’t fit the media narrative. That narrative is Trump is bad and must be defeated by any means necessary. Slather the public with propaganda then when contradicted, just ignore. People will […]

Trump’s First Presidential Conference

  That press conference with President Trump was fascinating. I know everybody else will be going how horrible it was but that’s mostly reflexive. He was himself but very candid, open to any questions, seemed like he was having a good time. Yes he was boisterous and defensive as usual, was long, informative, and a […]

Straight Nashvillian Goes Undercover As Gay ~ To Write A Book

The Edge Anti-Gay Christian Writes Book After Living as a Gay Man for a Year by Jason St. Amand Web Producer / Staff Writer Wednesday Jun 20, 2012   Timothy Kurek, 26, called himself a homophobic Christian but decided to see what it was like to live as a gay man for a full year, […]

Stephen King’s The Best TV Of 2010

Image via Wikipedia This is just his list and it comes from Entertainment Weekly. To read his summaries about each, visit their website or buy the magazine….: 10. Morning Joe (MSNBC) – one of my favorites as well. I wake up at 5 in the morning to watch this daily. 9. Boarwalk Empire (HBO) – […]