Louis C.K. – Actor, Comedian, Writer, Sexual Predator

Another day, another alleged predator exposed in Hollywood’s ever-widening sexual abuse crisis. Except Louis C.K. wasn’t supposed to be just another asshole. Up until the rumors got too loud to ignore, he was the voice for a certain segment of progressive America. He was the Guy Who Says What We’re All Thinking.

For those still bitching

For those still bitching about Jill Stein and the superpowers of Susan Sarandon, sorry Hillbros but your candidate lost to an unemployed reality star despite having millions of more dollars, more experience, and more, if not all, establishment and institutional support. And let’s not forget all of Hollywood! Not Jill’s fault. Not Sarandon’s fault.

Thought Salad: January 26, 2017

* Releasing taxes is tradition NOT law for Presidential Office seekers. Should it be the law by 2020? * Susan Sarndon is every liberals scapegoat, but she was right about civilians waking up if Donald Trump became President. * Sign the White House petition demanding Trump releases his tax returns. He works for YOU: Click […]

‘Selma’ Wins Top Honors From African-American Film Critics Awards

Filmmaker Ava DuVernay and her Martin Luther King Jr dramaSelma took home top honors from the African-American Film Critics Association, which awarded Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor (David Oyelowo) and Best Song to the Paramount Oscar contender. Also announced today, Gugu Mbatha-Raw won Best Actress for period drama Belle, and Octavia Spencer nabbed Best […]

Tilda Swinton As Auntie Mame? Seems So…

Tilda Swinton to Play Auntie Mame 1.3.2012 BY OUT.COM EDITORS The actress reveals a surprising new role on the horizon. Tilda Swinton is, without a doubt, a fascinating character. She has refused to play by the rules of Hollywood, and instead has created a unique career path that defies expectations at every turn. Most recently, […]

Ricky Gervais Returns As Golden Globes Host – I, For One, Am Glad!

Rolling Stone Ricky Gervais Returning as Golden Globes Host Despite controversy, comedian will emcee the awards show for the third time by: James Sullivan Comedian Ricky Gervais, who has taken plenty of criticism for his relentless jokes about Hollywood celebrities in past hosting gigs for the Golden Globes, has nevertheless been asked back as the […]

GLBT Movie Of The Week #1: X,Y, And Zee (Elizabeth Taylor)

X,Y, And Zee Imagine Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? set in early ’70s swinging London—caftans, butterflies, boozing, shrieking, rich-hippie decor, and no shortage of bitchy queens. Elizabeth Taylor is Zee Blakeley, the wife of eternally philandering Robert (Michael Caine), in this story of swinging Londoners directed by Brian G. Hutton (Where Eagles Dare). When Robert’s […]