Study Finds Humans Crave Sweet Foods Because They’re Weak And They’re Small

“Our study suggests that the average person’s desire for sugary treats is directly linked to the fact that they are pathetic overgrown babies with no control over themselves whatsoever,” said lead researcher Dr. Natasha Cott, adding that her team had found that most people’s tendency to be drawn to items like chocolate and other confections […]

My Awful Day

This has been an awful day. Yesterday the right side of my body went numb and then at 2:00 am I had my very worst asthma attack. I had an inhaler but no antihistamines but after labored breathing all night I finally got most of it under control about 9:00 am. Then my mom got […]

Strategies To Feel Better

Dr. Oz‘s Strategies for Feeling Great at Every Age By Dr. Mehemet Oz Just as our bodies change over time, so should the way we care for them. Follow these 24 smart strategies for eating, sleeping, and everything in between, and you’ll live happier and healthier ever after–starting right now! Eat This: Make Calcium a […]

For Me: WikiHow’s “How to Get Healthy For Free”

Image via Wikipedia How to Get Healthy For Free By Caroline Schley, eHow Contributor updated: August 12, 2010 Get Healthy For Free Everybody wants a crisp, fresh start: slimmer hips, better health and less stress in their lives than they had in the aughts. It’s easy to promise yourself you will get healthy with a […]

Family Research Council Rejects Program For Elderly Gays: “…gay people die before they get old.”

From Towleroad ‘PRO-FAMILY’ GROUP SLAMS OBAMA PROGRAM FOR ELDERLY GAYS BECAUSE ‘FEW OF THESE PEOPLE ARE LIKELY TO LIVE LONG ENOUGH’ TO BENEFIT Mister D: Guess it’s time for all of us over the age of 50 to start being more visible to show these assholes that we live just as long as them and […]

From eHow: How to Support Mentally Abused Friends

Image via Wikipedia eHow How to Support Mentally Abused Friends By Tomiko , eHow Contributing Writer Friendships are an important part of personal development. Friends teach us important lessons about communication, sharing, caring and building support systems outside of our immediate family structure. But what happens when you care for a friend who has been […]

Lizzy The Lezzy On Sundance Channel

LIZZY THE LEZZY LIZZY THE LEZZY is a dirty mouthed animated lesbian stand-up comedian created by Ruth Selwyn. Lizzy is out and proud and likes to sing and talk about lesbian issues. There are around 40 Lizzy episodes to date in her YouTube video web series. Each video has a different theme; one has no […]