Trump’s First Presidential Conference

  That press conference with President Trump was fascinating. I know everybody else will be going how horrible it was but that’s mostly reflexive. He was himself but very candid, open to any questions, seemed like he was having a good time. Yes he was boisterous and defensive as usual, was long, informative, and a […]

Why Richard Rorty’s critique of the left is as relevant as ever

The combination of hope and economic populism is what will get us through this. Currently, the rich, on the left and right, will try to maintain the status quo by using identity politics to inflame and keep us restless and distracted. This will do nothing for the economic disparity to come. (Vox)

Thought Salad: January 30, 2017

* The White House and Fox quickly named the suspect of the Quebec massacre as a Moroccan Muslim. The actual shooting suspect is a 27-year-old white man who is, by all appearances, a rabid anti-immigrant nationalist. (The Intercept) * I don’t know. Maybe Trump’s crowd size is bigger. Everybody’s just wearing either white, green, and brown. Oh […]

Thought Salad: January 26, 2017

* Releasing taxes is tradition NOT law for Presidential Office seekers. Should it be the law by 2020? * Susan Sarndon is every liberals scapegoat, but she was right about civilians waking up if Donald Trump became President. * Sign the White House petition demanding Trump releases his tax returns. He works for YOU: Click […]

Say What? Bernie Sanders vs The Washington Post

Washington Post last week: Bernie Sanders is a liar for saying health reform repeal will kill about 36 thousand people annually Washington Post this week: Washington Post says the health reform repeal will kill more than 43 thousand people annually. (Source: Washington Post)

The Women’s March: January 21, 2017

  Yesterday. the Women’s March took place in more than 300 cities and 30 countries in response to the remarks and anticipated policies of the new Trump administration. I guess in broader terms it’s in response to a new wave of right wing policies and movements in other countries, i.e. Brexit. Statistically this is the […]

Donald Trump’s Inaugaral Address

President Donald Trump was sworn in Friday, January 20, 2017 as our 45th President. His speech was one of the shortest in history coming in at approximately 16 minutes. The speech was very much like one of his campaign speeches and painted a very dark, dystopian view of America. One full of carnage, crime, and […]

Today’s Inaugaral Events – Donald Trump Becomes President #45

What to Watch Inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump at U.S. Capitol Friday is a holiday for federal workers in the Washington area, economic data will be delayed Possible Trump executive actions Senate confirmation votes on Cabinet nominees White House 9:45am: President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama host Trump and wife Melania for a tea […]

13 Democrats Fall In Line For Big Pharma

  Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) crafted a budget resolution designed to rein in medication prices by allowing cheaper, identical versions of prescription drugs to be imported from other countries, including Canada, where medicines are cheaper. 12 Republicans voted yea on the bill so it would’ve passed if it weren’t for […]

At The End Of Obama’s Presidency, We Are Bombing 7 Different Nations

At the end of Obama’s presidency, the United States is bombing seven foreign nations after 8 years in office. The foreign countries are: 1, Afghanistan (October 2016) 2. Iraq (6,868 airstrikes in Iraq since October 2016) 3. Pakistan (drone strike 2016) 4. Somalia (September 2016) 5. Yemen (October 2016) 6. Libya (drone strikes since August 2016) 7. Syria (5,227 airstrikes in Syria […]