Thought Salad: February 19, 2017

* Trump doesn’t hate the media. He thrives on it and he plays them for all they’re worth. He also knows that without them he’s nothing. The only ones that are basically fooled are his supporters who listen on every word. He’s teaching them not to trust the media which dumbs them down even more. They […]

Susan Sarandon On The Election

  The revolution came, but we had the chance for a peaceful, smooth one. I admire her. She was like the lone wolf standing tall above the Hollywood establishment. And she hasn’t devolved into hysterics over the election. She just keeps moving forward. Great attitude  Susan Sarandon takes on controversy over her Hillary Clinton opposition […]

Thought Salad: February 2, 2017

* If you’re boycotting Uber, big mistake. The billionaire investor of Lyft is a Trump advocate/donor and has been appointed by the Trump administration as an advisor on regulations. At least Uber’s owner is a libertarian. Lyft’s investor is Carl Icahn and he’s been reaping the rewards since the Uber boycott. (CNBC) * Jerry Falwell, Jr. […]

Thought Salad: January 29, 2017

  * As it turns out, the stay won by the @ACLU prevents deportation but apparently not detention. People detained all over the country still. * The first detainees have been released in Chicago, two Iraqis released in New York, waiting for #SFO. #MuslimBan #NoBanNoWall #noban * There’s this story going around that Hillary Clinton is going to […]

GLAAD Media Awards Winners

Here’s a list of winners: Advocate for Change Award: Bill Clinton; Stephen F. Kolzak Award: Steve Warren; Outstanding Film – Wide Release: “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” (Summit Entertainment), accepted by writer-director Stephen Chbosky with Logan Lerman, Johnny Simmons and Mae Whitman Outstanding Comedy Series: “The New Normal” (NBC), accepted by co-creators Ryan Murphy […]

Video & Transcript: Former President Bill Clinton’s DNC Speech Nominating Barack Obama

    Former President Bill Clinton gave a fiery speech on Wednesday night touting Barack Obama’s economic policies, his health care reform, while calling out Republican lies, divisiveness and hate, and urging voters to reject the selfish fiscal policies of Mitt Romney and the GOP. 2012 Democratic National Convention: Remarks as Prepared for Delivery by […]