Why You Should Leave Social Media

“Our data indicate that there may, in fact, be a relationship between yearning to be a self-realized human who enjoys being with other people in the real world and not spending every waking minute on artificial, once-removed social-interaction venues such as Facebook,” said lead scientist Dr. Charles Jennings, explaining that those who logged even marginally less time on the site displayed greater interest in performing basic physical activities, at least occasionally left their homes, and developed more meaningful relationships with others. “Furthermore, the vast majority of subjects did not miss ignoring others to bury their faces in their phones, endlessly obsessing over their public image, or mindlessly scrolling through a timeline in an attempt to fill a perceived void in their lives. Instead, most generally preferred things like experiencing the outside world, sleeping regularly, and allowing themselves the full range of human emotion.” #TheOnion

Just A Thought: Gays Appreciate The Male Figure More Than Women Do

I have no science to back me up on this, just years of hearing women talk about men. Women seem to find the female form beautiful, but the male form seems unpleasing to them, especially the penis and scrotum. I, and my friends, however, seem to feel the opposite, I almost worship the two dieties of masculinity. I wonder why that is?

What’s wrong with men’s bodies? Too often we’re taught that men are revolting and women are flawless.

Kathy Griffin: A Comic In Exile

I kind of have two feelings about this. I thought her stunt was over the top and mostly immature, but harmless, but I also think it was encouraged by the same media that excoriated her for doing this so-called art performance piece. The media totally set her up only to kick her down in the process. Everyday the media runs hate pieces on Trump, some deserved, some not. But they have created a hostile environment, and then they scapegoat Ms. Griffin for maybe going over the top. Shame on her friends, like Anderson Cooper, for abandoning her in her time of need. But she will bounce back and I hope she takes down her backstabbers when she makes her comeback.

This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things.

The media has created a climate where if you’re just anti-Trump you appear to be an activist. But you’re not. You’ve just become another bully on the opposite spectrum.  Making fun, calling names, and dissecting every little detail of Trump is not accomplishing anything and it’s what is going to help him win in 2020. Has nobody learned anything from 2016. People want their problems solved, not made fun of,  Clinton just joins a long line of Democrats that are useless and provide no vision. And they’ll push their own kind on us again if we let them. What does it take for people to realize that you can’t trust politcians that get most of their money from corporate donations, The people that matter are learning this. It’s time to get on board.