About Mister D

“I was born in the wagon of a traveling show…”

Well no that’s not true, actually I was born Don T. Bradshaw (aka, Mister D), July 14, in a little town called Lucedale, Ms. It had maybe 2 or 3 traffic lights and then you were heading to another hillbilly town. Since my father was promoted quite a bit, I tended to get moved around quite a bit, living in places like Moss Point, Ms, Pensacola, FL, Clinton, MS, Lancaster, PA, and eventually Nashville, TN, where I call home.

I attended Millsaps College in Jackson, MS earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration in 1978. Hated it! Made the rounds as managers of hamburger joints, restaraunts, and finally my dream job, as an area manager for a record store chain.

Later, I earned another degree in Social Work and graduated around 1990. I got my next dream job, working as a case manager, then counselor, for The Escambia AIDS Clinic in Pensacola, FL. This had to be one of the highlights of my life. I loved what I did…the counseling, the education, the friendships made, helping people…but sometimes that help meant teaching them to “let go.” In some ways that whole journey made me stronger, but somehow, I think, it crushed something deep inside of me. But I was very good at what I did.

Soon around 1995, I resigned from that job and moved to Nashville with my partner, Barry. He got a fabulous job doing something with computers, don’t ask me what…it’s just that I never understand. I, on the other hand, for the first time, since I was 14, did not have a career. I took the first job I could…but I was ill prepared. I was hired on to work with the mentally challenged and it was just out of my league. I had to teach them things I didn’t even know how to do, for goodness sake…like shopping for food. Many of these people lived in the worst conditions I have ever seen, and to think they lived in one of the richest counties in the states! We’re talking dirt floors, tin roofs (“Love Shack”…sorry!), and rat-roach infested homes. I really tried the best I could to be stronger, to learn, and grow from the experience, but alas, I had to resign.

From then on it’s been a bunch of shit jobs and a bitch of a journey, but I’m still here dammit, and now I just want to have a little fun. And to do that I invented the Bruce Vilanch site, We Got Bruce, a Bette Midler site called Bootleg Betty, and my own, The Divine Mister D, which I rarely touch, but hope to start soon. After starting all of these damn sites and with the right damn attitude, someone blessed the hell out of me. I finally met Mr. Vilanch and Ms. Midler, and they did not disappoint. So my little sites continue…and I hope you continue to enjoy.

I currently reside in Franklin, TN with Barry and three cats – Squeak, Iggy, and LeeLoo. For fun and entertainment I love to write, play piano, sing, perform,   and provoke people. But only when their policies, behavior, thinking, and/or outfits are stupid. And don’t ever sign off with, “please advise.” I’ll go apeshit and end up in the hospital!

Well, this was fun!

Love, Mister D