The First Annual “Mister D’s Golden Globes Contest” Winners!

Well, I just counted the votes from the zillions of fan entries for my first annual Golden Globes Contest and it was a TIE! And between 2 guys! The winners were Brian P. and Brandon H.

If you’ll send me you addresses I’ll be sending you the brand new book, “Knight at the Movies 2004-2006”, by one of our guest posters, Richard Knight, Jr., a fabulous collection of his weekly film reviews for the “The Windy City Times.” We’re talking 430 pages of guidance to the good, bad, and the ugliness of the cinema.

He’s a great writer and all of you should check out Mr. Knight’s book, column, website, and myspace site which I will link to below. Congrats boys!


For those of you who would like to purchase this book: Click Here