Changes Made The First Day Of Trump’s Presidency


  • Vice President Pence swore in Secretary Of Defense, James Mattis
  • Vice President Pence swore in Secretary Of Homeland Security, John Kelly
  • The new Presidential website rid itself of the sections on LGBTQ issues, civil rights, workers rights, and climate change.
  • New additions to the website are:  “America First Foreign Policy,” “Bringing Back Jobs and Growth” and “Making Our Military Strong Again.”
  • The DOJ asked a federal district court in Texas to delay a hearing scheduled for next Tuesday on whether the state’s voter ID law was enacted with a discriminatory purpose.
  • Also, Trump canceled Obama-backed cuts in mortgage premiums for FHA loans.
  • Trump also signed an executive order, titled “Minimizing The Economic Burden Of The Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act Pending Repeal,” directed the administration to show maximum flexibility in applying the law to states, hospitals, health insurers, patients and, notably, medical device manufacturers.