Stephen King’s The Best TV Of 2010

Katey Sagal at the 41st Emmy Awards 9/17/89
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This is just his list and it comes from Entertainment Weekly. To read his summaries about each, visit their website or buy the magazine….:

10. Morning Joe (MSNBC) – one of my favorites as well. I wake up at 5 in the morning to watch this daily.

9. Boarwalk Empire (HBO) – just not big on period pieces. I know, it’s a personal problem, but I own it!

8. Spongebob Squarepants (Nickelodeon) Huh?

7. Sons of Anarchy (FX) All my lesbian friends love this show. I came too late to it, but I want to catch up just to hear Katey Sagal sing in between her killing sprees or whatever….

6. Dexter (Showtime) What can I say? My favorite show and soulmate….a serial killer with a heart of gold….

5. Damages (FX) Haven’t seen it, but here Glenn Close chews up the scenery. Talk about damages!

4. The Event (NBC) They lost me after “hello”

3. Breaking Bad (AMC) Excelente!!! Combines my two favorite things….learning and meth!

2. The Walking Dead (AMC) I stayed away from this…I thought it was the tea-bagger story. Now I’m sorry I missed the first season…I love zombie movies!

1. Friday Night Lights (DirectTV/NBC) I know I’m supposed to love this, but I just didn’t. I must admit the only reason I watched was for the eye candy, but there wasn’t enough and it made me feel sleazy….